Elder Bednar spoke in a priesthood leadership meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina in February of 2016. He said something that I wasn’t sure I agreed with at first, “Balance is a false notion, you can only do one thing at one time”. He stated that by definition if we are at work, then we are neglecting family or vice versa when we are at home we are by definition neglecting work. So then how do you balance all your responsibilities? Watch this video by Elder Bednar:

Isn’t it a great video? I just loved that he pointed out that “The plates never spin at exactly the same speed at exactly the same time.” We can’t do everything, we can’t have them all spinning at the same time, so with that being said some days you spin one plate and some days you spin another- or you are finding balance. 

I know you have heard before as I have many times, that when you put the Lord first everything falls into place. I do believe this, however, I also believe it takes practice and work. Taking Elder Bednar’s advice from the video he says that over time a plate gets a spin and this ensures that it does not fall off and break. We just have to remember to not forget to continually spin the other plates. 

Recently I have undergone a studying routine for my exam coming up at the end of February. I have had to find balance on when to spin my plates which include, health coaching, training, studying for the exam, calling, work, and home life. That can seem like a lot to take on but I just focus on adding time to spin a plate (whatever plate it may be) a little at a time. Remember this scripture:

“Behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass…” (Alma 37:6) 

One day at a time, one spin at a time & you got this. 


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