Where is your focus?

It’s been awhile since I wrote a blog post, there are many reasons I could give as to why not but the main reason is I did not make it a priority. However, this past week I knew I needed to write about something but was not sure what to write about. I forget where I was when I heard someone talking (probably at church) and they said something along the lines of “Satan wants you to look at that “one thing” you do not have & only focus on that. 

It got me thinking about perspective and these words spoken made me think of an illustration I saw once. Picture two circles, one is a VERY big circle of everything you know and have been blessed with and the other is a very tiny circle of the things you do not know and have not been blessed with–are you following? (I wish I had a picture to show but I could only find the one below)

So, that smaller circle of what you don’t have, that is where Satan will get you to focus in on and it makes you forget EVERYTHING else you had in that big huge circle of blessings & knowledge. Isn’t that crazy? 

We need to remember that what is in that little circle is not worth giving up everything we have in our big circle- don’t forget it. Choose to focus on the blessings, gifts, talents, and everything you have VS what you do not have because that is how ingratitude creeps in and Satan comes in and just adds a little disappointment, sadness, and thoughts in at a time. 

Ask yourself where your focus is and re-align to recognize the blessings and goodness of God in your life and I promise as you do this- your perspective & mood will change.


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