God’s House on Earth

If you know me you know I have always had a special love for temples. I mean… when I say I love temples… I LOVE temples. For a very long time when I lived in Rexburg, Idaho and was attending school at BYUI I went to the temple every single week without fail to participate in baptisms for the dead. It was my source of strength I could always count on that week and I never missed even if there was snow or rain. That love still runs in my heart.

Right before COVID-19 hit Kevin and I were able to go to the Dallas, Texas temple about 3 days before all temples closed. We had made a habit of attending the temple every 2 weeks. I was SO grateful that we were able to go for one last time. That was March of 2020 and now its December of 2020. 9 months have passed and when I say I miss temples…I mean I miss temples! So this week with the announcement of some temples who are heading into phase 3, I decided to write about them. Please watch this video recently released by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints:

I love Elder Renlund and how he explains the impacts of the Coronavirus and temple re-openings. I felt during that video a very strong message to my heart about how politics have gotten in the way of COVID-19 and I also felt that in a way Elder Renlund was saying we aren’t sure how long all this will take but we act anyway. When we act, we are blessed. I know that the blessings of the temple are real. Here are but a few that I have seen and felt:

  • Spiritual strength to endure
  • I have felt my ancestors near me
  • I have gained an increased eternal perspective
  • Ability to resist temptation
  • Things that were not of value fell out of my life
  • Increased amounts of time to do what the Lord would have me do
  • Spiritual protection
  • I have received answers to prayers in the temple
  • I have felt God’s love for me and others

The list can go on and on but I can also tell you this, even though I have not been physically able to go to the temple these blessings are still with me. I invite those who have not felt or gained a testimony of temples to do so! Please study and read about them and ask Heavenly Father in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ to help you gain a testimony and I promise you will.


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