Deep In Our Hearts

Every week its really fun to see what topic is impressed upon my mind to write about. I will say that this week I asked Kevin and he mentioned that maybe I could discuss getting The Gospel of Jesus Christ “deep in our hearts”. Obviously I thought it was a GREAT idea so here we are.

Almost immediately I thought of two videos which I will show and talk about but I wanted us to start with asking ourselves the following question: “Why is it important to get The Gospel of Jesus Christ deep in my own heart?”

Take some time to ponder this question as you watch the first video with our beloved prophet President Russell M. Nelson:

Continue thinking about your answer to my question and throughout the rest of this blog post. President Nelson mentions a verse in Luke 22 where he says “Mens hearts are failing them for fear” and then almost right after he states that its because “They forget their identity and their purpose.” Now with this in mind please watch the next video with Elder Holland’s message Safety for The Soul:

Isn’t that an AMAZING video?! I love the passion in Elder Hollands voice. I now want to loop together these two videos to one thought. Earlier I mentioned the verse about mens hearts failing them for fear from President Nelsons video, well by divine design Elder Holland says the same thing in his but also adds some insight. He says, “Think of the heart as the figurative center of our faith… and then consider that in the last days mens hearts shall fail them.”

So I ask again to those reading, “Why is it important to get The Gospel of Jesus Christ deep in my own heart?”

I want to answer by giving my insights. As Elder Holland mentioned our Heavenly Father knows all that we have to face here on earth, He knows of temptations, trials, afflictions, and the challenges that await us. So in order to survive them with joy and having peace we need The Gospel of Jesus Christ in our hearts and souls. It provides perspective. I wanted to share a little list of things that happen when we have The Gospel of Jesus Christ in our heart and souls:

  • We know our identity, which is that We are Children of God.
  • We know our purpose, which is to return to live with God & our families and help others to do the same.
  • We read The Book of Mormon for many reasons but one being to become spiritually fortified.
  • We know The Atonement that Jesus Christ preformed is real and we use it in our lives through repentance and being strengthen by His Atonement.

As we do these things we are blessed, we are getting “The Gospel of Jesus Christ deep into our hearts” to survive the times ahead (whatever they may be- good or bad). It’s a survival guide. I know that as we move from having knowledge of Jesus Christ to really knowing who He is and becoming more like Him we are on the right path my friends.


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