“Record Keeping People”

Hey Ya’ll! Thanks for some how landing on our site and reading this blog post. If you don’t know us we are Kevin and Shelbi Stanfill. I, Shelbi write these blog posts the majority of the time. Kevin does a lot of the technical and production part of our Podcast – Christ Centered Conversations. We recently were thinking what more could we do to add to Christ Centered Conversations. As we were pondering this we thought back to why we even began recording our thoughts on The Book of Mormon and General Conference talks and we realized the BIGGEST reason was for our own posterity to have a record and to have a digital journal aka “record keeping”.

Nevertheless, If you haven’t guessed already, I have chosen to write about record keeping this week and why its so important. After all, this blog will just be another way to keep records and thoughts of our lives and most importantly about Jesus Christ. As I have thought about our recording keeping together over the past year I am amazed at the blessings that have come because of it. I know we both feel closer in our marriage, the spirit more fully in our home, and we feel an increase of the spirit individually.

Elder Marlin K. Jensen shared some insights on record keeping in the December 2007 ensign. He stated the following, “The scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon, make clear that “remembering” is a fundamental and saving principle of the gospel. We keep records to help us remember. Remembering the past gives us needed perspective as God’s children to have faith in our future destiny and thus to live more faithfully in the present.” (Jensen, 2007)

We know this to be true, we slowly and incrementally increase our faith as we keep records because it helps us to remember Him. There is a reason why pretty much every single missionary journals, its so they will not forget the magnificent experiences they had as a missionary. If you don’t already have some way of keeping records we invite you to start a journal wether that is hand written, recorded audio, or even video! Just get out and do it and you will be blessed.

I wanted to share an experience from my own journal. Let me give you some backstory. I was dating someone before I left on my mission, we will call him “Henry”. I knew I needed to leave on a mission but I did not see the full picture but look what I wrote:

03/13/2016: “I can say just this with full confidence right now, I know that my mission will bless my family and I cannot wait to serve. I have faith that it will all work out even if Henry is not the one-I know there is other Henry’s out there, I have that hope & faith.”

WOWZA- I look back now and realize that the spirit back then was preparing me for someone else and that is the love of my life, Kevin Stanfill. I share that to show that recording keeping and reflecting on our thoughts can show the design that God was creating in our life when we had little to no site and just had to take “the next step”.

I won’t take the liberty of looking through Kevin’s journals but I know that he too has seen the spirit guide him throughout his life as he keeps records. We love you all and thank you so much for reading about record keeping, now go make your own!


Jensen, M. K. (2007, December). There Shall Be A Record Kept Amoung You. Ensign, 28-33. Retrieved 2007, from https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/ensign/2007/12/there-shall-be-a-record-kept-among-you?lang=eng#:~:text=On%20April%206%2C%201830%2C%20the,historian%20and%20recorder%20is%20based.


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