Our Beginnings

It was about 14 weeks ago, September 30th, 2019 to be exact, that Kevin and I were sitting on our couch and we decided to start “The Stanfillcast”. Kevin had long listened to podcasts before we were married and brought up the idea of having one about the Book of Mormon a few days prior. I happily said let’s do it because I had just recently gotten into the Podcast game and loved listening to a variety of Gospel centered podcasts. I thought to myself if they did it – well so can we!

So there we sat on our couch, and decided that we would talk about our testimonies of The Book of Mormon and give a little introduction to what our podcast would be about. Kevin got out his microphone, downloaded the anchor app, and away we went with recording our first episode.  I remember being nervous and thinking to myself man what are we doing…I was smiling and laughing before it started. 

It was SUPER informal and only lasted for about 11 minutes but I remember going to sleep that night and feeling so happy that I had just shared my testimony with people I might not even know. I remember waking up and I had about 6 or 7 messages from family, friends, mission companions, and people from my home ward. I just remember feeling that I had an impact on people who were living in states far away from me and how cool it was that people heard mine and Kevin’s testimonies.

The whole point of creating The Stanfillcast and The Book of Mormon Podcast is to have conversations about Christ and about The Book of Mormon in a conversational way and really see how they apply to our lives today. Kevin and I are not perfect and you can tell we are learning but we keep trying and love sharing and talking about the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. Here are a few pictures and videos of making the podcast.

We are continuing to learn on our podcasting journey. Each week we learn a little bit more and try new things. This most recent episode we had our first guest ever – Edward Vissoni. We loved having other people’s thoughts and impression about The Book of Mormon and Edward had such great insights on 1st Nephi chapter 12 (go on and give it a listen!). Kevin and I both met Edward in the Arlington YSA and were always so impressed with his testimony and thoughts at institute and church. 

I will say one last thing at the end of this long post about our podcasting journey. Having a shared dream with Kevin has in no doubt strengthened our marriage. I highly recommend finding something with your spouse that you both enjoy doing and make it yours. Make it your shared dream together. Make it your journey with your spouse and if you can share it with others and strengthen others. This entire podcast was Divine Design and I cannot wait to find out what Heavenly Father does with it. 

Love Always,

The Stanfills


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